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Science at Bessemer

This year we will be looking at our teaching of science to see where we can make further improvements. We aim to teach science as practically as possible because we believe this is how children learn best. Also in the summer term we will be organising a science themed week culminating in an exhibition to parents and carers.

Children’s Focus

Children will be focusing on working scientifically to answer questions about the world around them. They will do this by asking questions, collecting and analysing data, developing explanations, solving problems and seeking and using evidence to test their ideas and answer questions. The children will be working scientifically through exploration using all of their senses. Year 1 will explore everyday materials, Year 4 forces and magnets and Year 5 properties and changes of materials. Children will conduct observations over time, recording changes and taking measurements. Year 1 will observe changes across the four seasons, Year 2 will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants, Year 4 will observe states of matter and Year 5 will look at Earth and space. Children will seek patterns by observing and recording natural events. Year 4 will investigate sound, Year 5 will observe forces and Year 6 will explore evolution & inheritance. The children will find relationships between factors through fair testing. Year 2 will compare everyday materials, Year 4 will investigate sound using dataloggers and Year 5 will observe forces. Through sorting objects or events into groups the children will be identifying and classifying. Year 1 will sort plants and animals, Year 3 will compare and group rocks, Year 5 will sort materials by their properties and Year 6 will classify living things and their habitats. To find out information that the children may not be able to investigate for themselves, children will be researching using books and websites. Year 1 will research seasonal changes, Year 2 will find out about habitats, Year 3 will identify how fossils are formed and Year 4 will research the digestive system.

Please take every opportunity to encourage your child to practise these skills at home.

Progression in science. Below is link as to how children’s knowledge and skills progress from year 1 to year 6.

Summer 1:

The children will be looking at the following topics this half-term:

Year 1 – Plants

Year 2 – Living Things and their Habitats

Year 3 – Animals including Humans

Year 4 – Living Things and their Habitats

Year 5 – Earth and Space

Year 6 – Animals including Humans


Spring 2

The children will be looking at the following topics this half term:

Year 1 – Everyday Materials

Year 2 – Animals including Humans

Year 3 – Light

Year 4 – States of Matters

Year 5 – Living Things and their Habitats

Year 6 – Living Things and their Habitats


Spring 1

The children will be looking at the following topics this half term:

Year 1 – Animals including Humans

Year 2 – Plants

Year 3 – Plants

Year 4 – Electricity

Year 5 – Forces

Year 6 – Evolution and Inheritance