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Maths is taught everyday and largely follows a structure of a short mental/arithmetic starter followed by the core lesson. Lessons are grouped into units by subject.
The units and order of lessons follow the medium-term plans / schemes of learning as set out in White Rose Maths. Lessons are based on small steps to ensure full and deep understanding.

Lessons follow the mastery structure of starting with varied fluency before moving onto to reasoning and problem-solving. When children are secure in the fluency skills studied in the lesson, they then move onto reasoning and problem-solving tasks which become progressively more challenging.
Resources (such as number lines, place value counters, dienes) are available to all pupils in any lesson where relevant and form part of the teaching. During independent work, relevant resources continue to be made available to children to choose from to support their own learning.

When children have completed the fluency part of a lesson, they work in a group of 3 to mark what they have done. This gives them the opportunity to discuss their answers and confirm their thinking, as well as improving their ability to prove their thinking.

Home Learning Scheme

In a bid to help the children improve their mental maths skills, the children are encouraged to practise their Maths at home through Bessemer’s Home Maths Rocket Scheme. The new National Curriculum places a huge emphasis on children knowing their number facts and our scheme is designed to encourage the children to practise and learn them at home with your support.

The scheme involves six ‘Rocket Cards’ that are pitched at the expected standard for each year group from Year 1 through to Year 6. All children are given the Maths Rocket of the year group that they are in and the mental starters for the week's Maths lessons relate to the rocket card step they should be practising. 

Each week, the children’s maths teacher informs them of which objective they will be learning in school and will additionally need to practise at home as their homework. In KS2 the children also receive an optional written piece of Maths homework to support the objective. Every Friday, the children are given questions to answer in relation to this objective to see how well it has been achieved.

Here are some examples of work through the year groups.



Please see the Parent Workshop page to access Maths workshops.


Bring Your Maths Lesson Home!

Mathletics brings classroom practice into the home. Aligned to your local curricula, Mathletics activities are relevant, reinforce lessons learned in school, and help your children gain mastery over maths topics or push ahead of what’s being taught.

Your child has a unique Mathletics login. Please ask their Class Teacher if your child forgets their login.



Daily Online Maths Lessons

White Rose Maths will very happily carry on helping you support your child to enjoy and master maths both in school and at home.

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Times tables rockstaRS

Become a Maths Rock Star!

Knowing your times tables off by heart is like being able to play a guitar behind your head – it makes you a rock star… a Times Table Rock Star!

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