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Nature Garden

"Don't just tell children about the world, show them!"


Play, exploration and creativity are just some of the benefits of learning through play.  At Bessemer we value the importance of play and understand and adhere to the philosophy that children's interaction with nature and the natural world is a crucial part of their development. 

Playing, learning and exploring outdoors is proven to be hugely beneficial for children's emotional and physical resilience. Children love spending time in nature and exploring natural materials found in the woodland. They use materials and real tools to participate in activities such as making dens, whittling sticks, using twigs and leaves to create art and observing minibeasts in their natural habitats. 

Understanding the positive benefits and impact that green spaces have on children's health and well being, Bessemer prioritises the use of it's very own nature garden, where children from Little Stars to Year 6 have timetabled sessions.