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At Bessemer we believe that Music:

  • encourages creativity and critical engagement
  • is fun and for everyone
  • enables increased behaviours for learning
  • boosts children and young people’s social development
  • fosters team work
  • builds life skills
  • Pupils experience music in: topic lessons, music assemblies, instrumental tuition and special events.

It is our aim that creating, appraising and enjoying music is accessible to all pupils. Teachers use the following assessment framework to plan lessons and assess progress in Music:

Each year group at Bessemer is taught how to play an instrument by a peripatetic music specialist. Our reception and nursery children are given singing and rhythm lessons for the first term. In year 1 and 2 the children are taught how to play the ukulele.  Our year three children learn to play the recorder as well as learning notation and some new songs. In year four our children are taught to play the clarinet, saxophone or flute. Pupils in year five are taught how to play the Samba drums and regularly perform in the local community. The Samba band has also performed at the Thames Festival, The City of London festival and at Hastings carnival. Pupils in year six participate in singing lessons which culminate in a performance at the Festival Hall.

We run numerous music after school clubs which children have the opportunity to join, these include; Drumming, Violin, Keyboard and Guitar.

Each year our children perform at various music events. Recently our year six children performed Christmas Carols at the Festival Hall as part of a mass choir, year four children performed at the Festival Hall as part of a mass orchestra. Look below to see some of the concerts we have performed in.