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Year 1


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Welcome to Year 1

Welome to our Year 1 page. On this page you will be able to see an overview of some of the learning which takes place across our year group throughout the year.

We learn through whole class carpet sessions, small adult focus work and through our COOL (Choose Our Own Learning) time activities, see below for more information. We are lucky to have access to both an inside and outside learning environment which allow the children to engage with a wide range of varied activities on a daily basis.




We have several book zones set up throughout both our inside and outside learning environments and this is assisting the children's love for reading whilst promoting different formats of text they encounter. We have plenty of fiction, non- fiction and comics which the children can access throughout the day in COOL time.


We use our literacy books to help support not only the children’s literacy but also their phonic knowledge and wider curriculum goals. We have been reading the The Colour Monster and Here We Are during the first half of Autumn and these books supported the promotion of our behavioural expectations and policies in KS1 and have helped us discuss the world around us.



In maths we use a range of both practical and worksheet challenges to support the children’s mathematical development throughout the year. We give the children time to share their own knowledge and understanding with each other and encourage the children to explain their working out processes as often there are multiple ways to reach an answer.

During the Autumn term we have been investigating place value to 10, addition and subtraction (to 10) and geometry (2d and 3d shapes).

Geography and History


We have been looking at the history of our lives. We looked through some of the momentous occurrences that have happened in our time on Planet Earth. We have been looking at similarities and differences with their childhood experiences and those of their parents and grandparents.



In science we have been investigating seasonal change. We have been looking at the months and the different seasons associated with the different months of the year. We have looked at a range of different weather types and when we might expect to see them. Whilst learning about different weather types we investigated how we measure different weather and then made our own rain gauges and wind barometers.




In our outdoor sessions we have been building up our hand eye coordination skills with a series of multi skills. We have worked on our agility, balance and co-ordination before we build up to incorporate bean bags and ball bags to develop the children’s throwing and catching skills.



For our first computing unit we are learning about technology all around us.

Did you know a pencil is technology? What other types of technology do you know?

We will be learning some basic laptop skills including using a mousepad, navigating a keyboard and logging on and logging off to our school laptops.



For our Flower Power art project we investigated the artist Andy Warhol and his role in the pop art movement in the 1960’s. We then looked in depth at his use of still life objects in his art work.  The children then undertook the task of producing their very own pop art work after selecting their favourite flower to draw.

First we sketched different flowers using fine pencils in our art journals, before choosing our favourite flower for our final piece. The children then sketched the flower of their choice before going over the outline in pen. Next the images were photocopied four times, and finally the children chose four sets of bright contrasting colours and painted each image a different colour.



We have weekly music lessons brought to us by Duncan the music teacher in our newly created Music room. He will be building up the children's musical knowledge and skills throughout the year. The children initially practiced various forms of rhythm, pitch and tone using lots of call and response songs and they will add to their song bank each week. They will then start investigating different types of instruments and understanding the difference between long and short sounds.

Cool Time

Year One enjoys a balance between whole class input sessions, adult focus work and COOL time. COOL time stands for Choose Our Own Learning. We have different areas of the classroom set up and dedicated to embellishing the current topic, as well as immersing the children in the different curriculum objectives we are currently working on. Additionally, we have dedicated construction and small world areas within both our inside and outside learning environments which support and encourage the children to develop their social and communication skills through play-based activities.