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Year 5


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To start the term we participated in Bessemer's annual art week. This years theme was 'Flower Power'. We took inspiration from Georgia O'Keeffe for our individual art pieces. We also looked at Kaffe Fassett and Takashi Murukami to inspire our collaborative pieces. 



We are continuing to build our knowledge of place value. We have understood place value up to 1 million. We have been partitioning up to 6-digit numbers and working with number lines of the same value.



In English we have been reading Julius Zebra, a story about a Zebra who gets captured in his home in Africa and taken to Rome to compete as a Gladiator for Emperor Hadrian himself!

We have been practising writing direct speech. We have been building on our knowledge of subordinate clauses from year 4 and challenging ourselves to use them in our writing. We have written a formal letter of complaint from Septimus to Emperor Hadrian, ensuring we include formal language and modal verbs!


Guided Reading

We read more of our story – Julius Zebra, then acted out the steps of becoming a gladiator, from pledging our oaths to the ‘Familia Gladiatoria’, practising our gladiator stances, to reciting and re-creating the ancient art of poking, all whilst never taking our eyes off of our opponents! Great Gladiator apprentices we all made!


Our topic this half term is Roman Britain. We will be learning about the Romans and their impact on Britain and historical legacy.

So far we have used our mapping skills to map the expansion of the Roman Empire. We used the old maps paired with modern day maps to identify which modern day countries were part of the Roman Empire.

We have investigated and become acquainted with many of the Roman Gods. We used our new knowledge to make a 'Top Trump' card game.



Our topic is 'Properties and Changes of Materials'. We have been identifying the properties of different materials and linking that to our previous knowledge - such as understanding whether something is a conductor of electricity based on its properties.

We investigated thermal conductors by carrying out an experiment  using various different cups containing boiling water. We measured how quickly the temperature of the water decreased over a period of time. We then chose the data of one of the cups to display on a line graph.


In P.E. this term we are focusing on multi skills. We are improving our agility, balance and co-ordination to then apply in game settings such as basketball, football and tag rugby.



We have the incredible opportunity this term to participate in the Young Voices Concert 2024 at the O2 Arena! For the next 10 weeks we will be practising the songs for the concert with Duncan. 


This term we are revising phonics and asking and answering questions about our pets.