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Year 3 & 4



This half term, Year 3 and 4 children have been reading the much-loved comical adventure story 'Krindlekrax' by Phillip Ridley. They have improved their ability to write detailed character and setting descriptions, learned how to create suspense in their writing and make up their own ending for the story. They have all enjoyed having the book read aloud to them, joining in with the funny voices and sound effects of 'Lizard Street'! 



The Year 4s have moved from fractions onto decimals and can now recognise decimal tenths and hundredths. They have learned to partition, order and compare numbers with 2 decimal places and put decimal numbers on a number line. They have also been focusing on learning and rapidly recalling their times tables facts for the upcoming national Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check. In Year 3, children have been learning about mass and capacity, and time.



In Year 3, children have been learning about marriage, different families and male and female bodies as part of their SRE (Sex and Relationship Education). Year 4 have been learning about appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, and emotions. Both year groups have developed their understanding of how they can stay safe online.

In RE, children have learned about the ceremony of marriage in different religions and we all visited Baitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre in Elephant and Castle where they learned about how the local Muslim community prays, learns Arabic and contributes to society.



Both Year 3 and 4 children have been continuing with their learning about 'Sound' in Science. They have learned that sound travels in waves, investigated the relationship between distance from the sound source and volume, and found out how to change the pitch of a sound. During Science week, we took part in a whole-school 'Egg Drop Challenge', which was really fun!



In Art and DT this half term, we are focusing on our 'Food' topic. We are evaluating different soups before designing our own soup and putting it to the taste test! We are also creating some Art based on the theme of food. 



Years 3 and 4 have been busy learning all about 'Food and Agriculture' in Topic. We began with an immersive 'World Food day', where children brought in a range of delicious foods from their families' culture or country - we all enjoyed tasting them! We then went on a trip to Sainsbury's to investigate foods that have been imported from around the world. We worked out the food miles and the environmental impact of buying different foods, discussing the benefits of buying local produce. We learned about different biomes and climates needed to grow certain foods. We also went on a fun trip to Vauxhall City farm where we fed and petted some lovely goats, sheep, alpacas as well as taking part in a workshop about plants we eat in the garden and greenhouse.



We have all been enjoying the sunshine while learning to play tennis in P.E. The children have developed their skills in hitting the ball with some accuracy, improving both their forehand and backhand, and serving. 

Spring 2


In English, Year 3 & 4 read the Jabberwocky. Children then created their own nonsense poems based on a new creature. Children read a historical narrative text all about the romance. Children created a balanced argument based off of this text.  


In Spring 2, children completed units on fractions and length and perimeter.


In Spring 2, Year 4 learnt about charities and completed a recycling project. Year 3 learnt about their community.


In Physics, children have been learning all about sound. Children went on a sound walk, learnt about how sounds are made and investigated which materials are best at muffling sounds.

ART and DT

This half term we are focusing in Art and DT at making Roman Clay Heads and a model of the coliseum with a trap door!


In History we are studying the Romans. Our enquiry question is: Did the Roman really ever ‘leave’ Britain? We will be learning about the Romans and their impact on Britain and their historical legacy. This will run for the entire Spring term.  We are learning about why the Romans invaded Britain and the impact they had, including the infrastructure they built as well as the changes they made to life here. We will learn about significant people such as Boudicca. During Spring 2, children have looked at the significant achievements of the Romans and everyday life in Britain under the Roman empire. Children attended an online live lesson with the Museum of London.


Children have been learning about striking and fielding games this half term with a focus on cricket.  




In English, Year 4 have been reading Shackleton’s Journey whilst Year 3 have been reading The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Year 4 wrote a fantastic newspaper article all about Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica. Whilst Year 3 wrote their own story inspired by The Pied Piper of Hamelim.   


In Spring 1, we have studied our second unit of Multiplication and Division that focused on multiplying a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. During Length and Perimeter, children had to calculate perimeter of shape as well as measuring length with a range of units.


In Spring 1, Year 4 discussed advertising as well as taking part in children’s mental health week. Year 3 learnt about their community and the role of councillors within it.


In Biology, we have been learning about animal including humans. We studied our digestive system, the role of our teeth and how to best look after them as well as learning about food chains. Our big question this term: Can you explain the journey of food through the digestive system?

ART and DT

This half term we are focusing on DT with a focus on model making linked to our history topic of The Romans.


In History we are studying the Romans. Our enquiry question is: Did the Roman really ever ‘leave’ Britain? We will be learning about the Romans and their impact on Britain and their historical legacy. This will run for the entire Spring term.  We are learning about why the Romans invaded Britain and the impact they had, including the infrastructure they built as well as the changes they made to life here. We will learn about significant people such as Boudicca.


We are continuing our work on invasion games, this time linked to dribbling and passing with our feet. Year 3 are also working in the hall, looking at gymnastics and dance.  


Welcome to year 3 and 4's page!

We've had a busy start to the term and are excited to be able to share some of our learning with you.


Our Art week theme this year is 'Flower Power'. Have a look at some of the work we have produced.


We also got stuck straight in to Maths using manipulatives to help us to recap and develop our knowledge of place value.



Year 3 have started reading 'Leon and the Place Between' in English. The children have written setting descriptions to describe the circus. 

Year 4 have started reading and writing their own river poems.  

From next week, Years 3 and 4 will be following the same English units. The next one will be based on our text 'The Rhythm of the Rain'.

We have now started the new text and have been working together to collect vocabulary ideas for setting descriptions.



We've been using atlases to locate the continents, oceans and rivers!



We also had fun drawing and labelling rivers in the playground.



We really enjoyed our first lesson with the cricket coaches until rain stopped play!


We have been having fun exploring solids, liquids and gases.


We love our music lessons with Duncan. This half term we are learning about pentatonic scales. We have been learning to sing 'Roar' by Katy Perry as it uses this scale. We have also learnt some new songs that we have been playing on the chime bars.


We have been learning about the internet in our Computing lessons! Try this sheet to explore some of our favourite websites...


We use Language Angels for our Spanish lessons! Can you find out all of the countries that speak Spanish?


Year 4 have been learning about how to have a growth mindset and how to be healthy.

Year 3 have been discussing 'consent' and what to do when physical touching is unwanted. Have a look at the scenarios below and think about what should happen next. 

Classes 3NI and 4BC visited the library today! We listened to a story, shared some poetry and chose a book to enjoy for the rest of the term.

We had a great day on our river trip to the Thames this week.



In English, we have been reading two amazing stories based on our topic of World War 2: The Lion and The Unicorn and Otto. In order to make our writing more interesting especially our sentence starters, we have focused on using fronted adverbials which go at the start of the sentence to add extra information about the verbs. 


In Autumn 2, we will be focusing on all the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be practising our number bonds, using efficient strategies, mental strategies as well as new formal column methods as the numbers are getting much bigger. Year 3 and 4 have also been learning their times tables using a variety of strategies including interactive tools such as Hit the Button and Times Tables Rockstars. 



At Bessemer, we celebrated Children in Need 2023 by engaging in a range of fun-filled activities. As the theme was 'SPOTacular' everyone attended school wearing an item of clothing that contained spots, stripes or both. Through the day, we enjoyed a range of arts and craft activities. 



In Biology, we have been learning about Living Things and Their Habitats. Animals live in a variety of habitats but they have also created and live in micro habitats due to weather and avoiding predators. In order to find these micro habitats, our pupils used a familiar habitat, the nature garden, to locate mini beasts to understand their micro habitats and the conditions. 



As part of 'The Big Draw' year 3 and 4 took part in a unique art lesson, where we expressed ourselves through music. With a variety of resources to choose from (colouring pencils, pens, oil pastels and paint), the children listened to a song and produced a piece of artwork based on their thoughts, feelings and emotions at that moment. 



As part of our topic, London At War, years 3 and 4 used 'Now Press Play' to rewind back in time to World War 2 Great Britain, where they played the role of a child in war time London. At first, they lived a normal life by going to the school and park. However, as soon as the war commenced, they were evacuated to the countryside, where they had to adapt to their new setting and life. The children experienced rations, escaping into a bunker and learning new chores and skills. At the end, they finally heard the announcement from Winston Churchill that Britain had won the war and engaged in some fun VE day celebrations.