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year six

Welcome to the page for year 6! Here we will share examples of the learning we have been doing throughout the year.

Autumn Term 1

To begin the Autumn term, Year Six have enjoyed participating in our annual Art Week - this year's theme was 'Flower Power'.

Across the week we have developed our skills while working in sketchbooks - drawing from first hand observation and practising using a range of drawing mediums.

We have looked at work by a variety of artists who have used flowers as their subject matter - including: Van Gogh, Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse, Clara Peeters and Takashi Murakami. We discussed their different styles and methods as well as our own opinions of their work. We used some of these ideas as starting points for our own work.

We also created some digital art using Paint.net.


In Physics, for this term's Science topic, we are learning about Light.

During our first lesson, we conducted tests to prove or refute the theory that light travels in a straight line. We made observations and recorded them using diagrams, drawing conclusions from what we observed.


Our History Topic this term is The Ancient Greeks.

During our first lesson, we researched the geography of Greece using Atlases and digital maps and the Internet. We discussed how Greece's geographical features may have impacted on how the Ancient Greek's lived and how they successfully built a large empire.

Year 6 have enjoyed their trip to the British Museum, where we were able to use tablets to explore the Greek Parthenon artefacts in greater detail. We also saw some 'Amphora' to inspire us when making our own clay pots in art later this term.


In English, we have been exploring Greek myths:  Theseus and the Minotaur as well as Cerberus.  Children have been working on their descriptive writing skills, bringing characters and settings to life.  Children wrote the following (fantastic) poems:




Maths so far this term has involved lots of place value where we have been exploring the value of numbers up to ten million. We consolidated our learning with an investigation looking at the distances between planets:



During our Computing lessons, the children will be exploring how data is transferred over the internet. They will initially focus on addressing, before they move on to the makeup and structure of data packets. Learners will then look at how the internet facilitates online communication and collaboration; they will complete shared projects online and evaluate different methods of communication. Finally, they will learn how to communicate responsibly, by considering what should and should not be shared on the internet.  







We have started our violin lessons!  Children will be learning this wonderful instrument on a weekly basis which will culminate in a performance at the end of the year.  


In PE this half term, doing Gymnastics, where we will be combining balances, rolls and jumps to create a sequenced routine as our end point, both individually and in small groups. We'll be using peer feedback to help us define and improve our moves.  For outdoor PE we will be enjoying team games where we will be practicing our throwing and catching skills.  


This half term we are revising phonics and talking about school subjects.