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Welcome to the Reception page. 

We've had a wonderful first few weeks in Reception and the children have settled in well.  

Our Reception classes this year are Sunshine and Rainbow.  Our mixed reception and year one class is Moonbeam.

For our first topic we have been thinking all about ourselves and our world. Here is a snapshot of what we've doing across our 7 areas of learning.


We have started the year by exploring matching and sorting. The children have enjoyed matching different objects such as socks! Soon we will begin mastering numbers 1-3.

Understanding of the World

 For this area of learning we have been exploring and working on our exploration and observational skills.  We have particularly enjoyed playing the dinosaurs in the small world areas and thinking about the past. Outside, the soil digging area has proved very popular and we have found a variety of invertebrates hiding under the logs.  Including a stag beetle!  We have used a variety of containers and measuring jugs to explore in the water.  The bench on our outside obstacle course has provided a great ramp to race cars down. 


The children have enjoyed settling into their new routines and making new friends. We have been reading the colour monster to help children understand their emotions. In each classroom we have set up an area for children to identify their feelings. 

Expressive Arts and Design 

We have looking closely at our features and making our own self-portraits. Our classroom role play areas have been very popular with children acting out different scenarios based on their own experiences.  Outside, the children have enjoyed acting out stories at the puppet show.  Some reception children have created their own racing car using the large construction materials. 

Physical Development

In Reception, we have been enjoying being active, whether it is on a bike, climbing around the playground or just running around with our friends. We have also been developing our Fine and Gross motor skills - each classroom has a Finger Gym set up with different activities every day!


We have started the new term with some of our favourite texts, including 'Who Are You', 'Postie Bear' and 'Family and Me!'

We have been developing our skills in listening and response, sequencing, writing lists and drawing representations of ourselves and our families.

Each classroom and the outdoor area have plenty of opportunities for mark making and early writing, such as making shopping lists in our role play area, and writing initial sounds in chalk in the playground. We have also started recognising and writing our names.



Reading is a huge part of life at Bessemer. We thread a variety of high quality texts into every part of the curriculum, and read in school with all our children. 

We have also started teaching Phonics in Reception, and the children the environment is full opportunities to recognise initial sounds.

Each classroom has an inviting Reading Area, full of a diverse range of texts. We also read a story at Goodbye Time every day, encouraging Reading for Pleasure in the children.

Communication and language 

The children have been developing their listening skills through carpet games and story time. We have also begun to use talk partners during carpet time to further develop the children's listening and speaking skills.