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Reception - Newsletter - Autumn 1

Autumn 1

We have had an exciting start to the new school year in Reception. We have been learning our school rules which help keep us all happy and safe. These can be seen in our classroom and the children are learning the rhyme and actions to help them remember.

The children have enjoyed exploring their new learning environment, getting to know each other and forming new friendships. We have started our topic ‘My story, our world’ and have been talking about ourselves and our families. We made self-portraits and drew pictures of our families.

Wow look at us practising our own names and learning our numbers to 3!

Culture and diversity day

We were lucky enough to have our Parents and Special people to us come in and talk about their cultures with us.  We came dressed in our cultural clothing and tasted food from around the world.


The children have loved joining in with our music sessions the term. We have been learning how to listen carefully, follow instructions and stop and start in time with each other. Look at how much fun we have been having... 

Autumn 2

This term was a very busy one.  We settled back into our routines very well, and had fun exploring our environment.

Understanding the World - Space

We have been learning all about Space this term. We have been looking at our solar system and talking about what we see and might find in space. So far, we have looked at the difference between our ‘day sky’ and our ‘night sky,’ and discussed the differences between the seasons. 


Our Autumn term focus is being kind and respectful.
We spent time in Autumn 1 discussing what kindness means and how we can fill each others buckets. We explored what to do when someone is being a ‘bucket dipper’ and how we can help others to be kind by explaining what they are doing and how it is making us feel. During Autumn 2, we have been talking about similarities and differences. We have explored this through a range of different topics here are some of the themes we have spoke about so far.

  • Changes from a baby to now
  • Our physical features
  • Things we like and dislike
  • Our skills
  • Our celebrations
  • Our families
Communication and Language

We have been spending lots of time building our relationships with each other this term. Learning how to listen to one another and follow on from what another person has said. We have been learning how to answer questions in sentences and have been trying really hard to extend our sentences using and or because when talking.

Physical Development

This term we have been working on both our gross motor and fine motor skills. We have been finding out how to use all the playground equipment safely. We have been gaining lots of confidence when jumping and climbing and will be starting PE sessions very soon. As well as enjoying our gross motor activities we have also been developing our fine motor skills. We have enjoyed accessing the playdough, threading and scissor skills activities throughout this term. These activities will really help us to hold our pen with a tripod grip and use our tools confidently in the creative area.


Smeds and Smoos by Julia Donaldson
The children have really enjoyed exploring the book ‘The Smeds and Smoos’  by Julia Donaldson. The children had ago at making their own books and using these to retell the story. We discussed our friendships and whether it was okay or not for the families in the books to say they could not play together.


We have now learnt all our phase 2 sounds and are able to use these sounds to read and write. We have learnt lots of strategies to help us when applying these sounds to our reading and writing. In reading we have been using our duck hands to blend our words and our eagle eyes to spot our tricky words. The children have also been working hard in writing to use their stretchy snakes to stretch to their words and use their frog fingers to sound them out.  


We have been very impressed with the children’s progress so far so please do keep practicing at home. This term, we have focused on learning the fundamental skills of sorting, matching, and understanding heights and lengths. Look at us practise our skills!


This term we have been busy learning lots of skills that will help us to make lots of different creations. We have learnt how to brace two junk modelling objects together, make rubbings using a wax crayon and sculpt using salt dough.