Learning Hub



It is only week 3 but we are already having so much fun learning in Nursery! Enjoy a cup of tea while you read about some of our learning so far this term!


We have been learning about how been celebrate different festivals. We have enjoyed looking at fireworks and talking about how they are important for both bonfire night and Diwali! We have been inspired by Rangoli art and practised our fine motor skills drawing and cutting circles and decorating them with dabber tools! 

We have also been learning all about Autumn and have enjoyed exploring in the fallen leaves outside as well as drawing pumpkins! In Numeracy we have been learning about the terms 'long' and 'short' and have enjoyed using our new vocabulary while we make necklaces and practice our fine motor threading skills! 



We are focusing this half term on how to look after our classroom and environment. We are practising being super star helpers tidying up and remembering to put the lids on pens! 

Children are growing more confident in initiating play with others by building together, making food in the mud kitchen, washing the outdoor furniture and making food and cups of tea in the home corner for their friends and adults. Some of the children really loved calling their friends over the teach them all about the rain! 



In the provision, the children have loved been practising their speaking skills by role playing with old telephones and 'calling' each other across the classroom. We have loved singing some nursery rhymes this term to help us with our numbers to 5, such as 5 Little Ducks and 5 Green Bottles. The children have been singing them throughout the day by themselves, you might like to ask them if they can show you at home!

We have listened to many stories so far and have really enjoyed out new Key text Lima's red Hot Chilli. The children were excited and confident sharing their knowledge of spicy food and their ideas of how to help Lima. We practised our literacy and mark-making skills drawing our ideas! 



Physical Development

This half term, the children have been developing their gross and fine motor skills by climbing on different equipment in our outdoor area. We have made obstacle courses out of tyres, crates and balance beams and have been practising how to take turns on these to keep everyone safe. The children have been using our obstacle courses to also develop their social skills, and have been encouraging and supporting their friends’ balancing by holding their hands!

We have been using our imaginations to be super heroes on our obstacles courses, and fire fighters reaching up to rescue cats! 

The children have already taken part in lots of fine motor activities which support them to strengthen their finger muscles ready for writing activities later in the year. The children have been manipulating playdough, hammering in pegs, building with brick and Lego and learning to use looped scissors to cut different materials. We have also explored with masking tape and spreading PVA glue to stick. 


The children have enjoyed listening to high quality texts each day and answering questions about the characters and the events in the story. They have also enjoyed choosing books from around the room for an adult to share with them across different topics! 

We send the children home with a new book every Tuesday, which the children get very excited to choose from the book chest each week. Please share these with the children every day as this will promote a love for reading and listening to stories in preparation for when they begin to read the books themselves in Reception. Please remember to sign each time your child’s record each time you read at home and to send their book in every Tuesday!

Our core texts this term are Lima's Red Hot Chilli, Handa's Surprise and My World, Your World. We have enjoyed these lots of times within the classroom, and the children are beginning to join in and re-tell the stories.