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Welcome to the Nursery class

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This Term our Topic is

We are focusing on animal themed stories. We are learning about each animal and its habitate. We can retell stories by looking at the pictures or story maps. We can make up our own stories using our small world play areas. We are learning to tell a story using story language and learning keywords from each story.


We are so creative in Nursery. We create drawings and give a detailed account of what we have drawn. We have started working on writing the letters in our name and are beginning to know some letter sounds.


This term we have been exploring with number up to 5. We have been solving number problems and focusing on explaining how a problem is solved. We have been learning 1 more and 1 less than a given number and extending by adding two groups together. We enjoy showing our maths skills during independent play.

Today we celebrated Chinese New Year!

We found out who and why people celebrate Chinese New Year. We tasted triditional Chinese food and used chopsticks to eat our food. We watched a real dragon dance then did our own. We listened to the story of the animal Chinese Zodiac race. We made cards, dragons out of playdough and cooked Chinese food in our roleplay area. We had so much fun!

We celebrated number day by wearing our favourite colours and taking part in lots of number activities.