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The first few weeks have been very exciting in Nursery. The children have all settled in well and have enjoyed taking their time to get to know their adults and learn their way around their new classroom, both inside and outside! Here are some of the exciting things we have been getting up to!


This half term our focus is settling in and learning how to use our classroom sensibly and safely. We have come up with our own ideas for how to be safe and sensible in our classroom, like no throwing or running inside.

The first few weeks in Nursery has involved the children getting to know unfamiliar faces and feeling safe and secure in a new setting. We have been using the visual timetable for children to become familiar with the daily routine and we have played name games to get to know each other in fun ways.

During play, children are starting to initiate play with others by building together, making food in the mud kitchen, washing the outdoor furniture and making food and cups of tea in the home corner for their friends and adults.



During the last couple of weeks, the children have been getting familiar with sitting on the carpet and using their listening ears and looking eyes to enjoy stories and songs.

We have listened to many stories so far and particularly enjoyed our key text ‘So Much’. We really enjoyed using the actions in the story and showing baby how we would like to greet him!

The children really enjoyed bringing in photographs of their families from home and using them to talk about who is in their family, make sure you look for your family photograph on our wall!

We have really enjoyed learning some nursery rhymes this term to help us with our numbers to 5, such as 5 Little Ducks and 5 Green Bottles. The children have been singing them throughout the day by themselves, you might like to ask them if they can show you at home!

Every Thursday morning from 9am, the children are very fortunate to have music lessons with Claire. We have leant the hello song and are now learning how to use shakers, copying Claire and listening to music.

Physical Development

This half term, the children will be developing their gross and fine motor skills by climbing on different equipment in our outdoor area. We have made obstacle courses out of tyres, crates and balance beams and have been practising how to take turns on these to keep everyone safe. The children have been using our obstacle courses to also develop our social skills, and have been encouraging and supporting our friends’ balancing by holding their hands!

The children have already taken part in lots of fine motor activities which support them to strengthen their finger muscles ready for writing activities later in the year. The children have been manipulating playdough, Lego and peg boards and have been using looped scissors to cut card.


The children have enjoyed listening to high quality texts each day and answering questions about the characters and the events in the story. They have also enjoyed sitting in our cosy home corner to listen to stories and look at pictures of books during their play.

We send the children home with a new book every Tuesday, which the children get very excited to choose from the book chest each week. Please share these with the children every day as this will promote a love for reading and listening to stories in preparation for when they begin to read the books themselves in Reception. Please remember to sign each time your child’s record each time you read at home and to send their book in every Tuesday!

The Early Years curriculum at Keyworth Primary School is designed to provide a broad and balanced education that meets the needs of all pupils within our care.

Through the seven areas of learning, we provide topics that excite and engage children, building on their own interests and developing their experiences of the world around them.

We recognise that children come into our setting with different experiences from others in their learning and play.  It is the role of our setting to help children experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live. All staff work hard to ensure that the learning opportunities provided widen children’s knowledge and understanding of the world, setting ambitious expectations for all children.

We believe that children learn best in early years through play and exploration. Children are encouraged to join in activities, to be independent and to make choices. We provide stimulating and well-resourced learning spaces, where provision is carefully planned to challenge, motivate and develop children’s skills within the 7 areas of learning.

What we offer:

We offer both part time and full-time places, Monday to Friday, during term time only – subject to availability. Morning sessions run from 8:45 am to 11:45am, and afternoon sessions from 12:30pm to 3:30pm.

We offer full time places for 30-hour free childcare eligible children. You will need a 30 hour code for us to accept your child for a 30 hour place. You can check your eligibility and receive your code by going to this website https://www.gov.uk/30-hours-free-childcare?step-by-step-nav=f517cd57-3c18-4bb9-aa8b-1b907e279bf9

There are 2 ways in which parents can use the 30-hour free childcare

Option 1

Your child can attend 5 full days of Nursery, with an extra cost for lunchtime. The cost is £3.00 per day. You can also collect your child every day for lunch which will incur no extra cost.

Option 2

Your child can attend 4 and a half days a week with no extra costs for lunchtime. This means one day a week you would collect your child at 11:45am, or drop them to school at 12:30pm.

Nursery Timetable examples

Typical Day in Nursery AM:

8.45am Classroom doors opened – self-registration
9.05am Play through continuous provision
9.30am 1st carpet session Phonics / Maths /Literacy/PSED/UW
9.45am Choosing time / independent learning / focus activities
11.15am 2nd carpet session Phonics / Maths /Literacy/PSED/UW
11.30am -12:30pm  Lunch
11:45am  Gates and classroom doors open for home time (part time children go home)

Typical Day in Nursery PM:

12.30pm Classroom doors opened – self-registration for PM children & Play through continuous provision
1.15pm 1st carpet session Phonics / Maths /Literacy/PSED/UW
1.30pm Choosing time / independent learning / focus activities
2.55pm Tidy up
3.05pm 2nd carpet session Phonics / Maths /Literacy/PSED/UW 
3.20pm Get ready for home time
3.30pm Gates and classroom doors open for home time


Please visit this page for admissions information