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With the new National Curriculum, we are keenly focussed on the development of our children’s arithmetic strategies in Maths from Nursery to Year 6.

Our Maths home learning scheme is geared towards encouraging the children of Keyworth to practise their number facts at home and then apply them to problem solving activities in and out of the classroom.

Application skills development is embedded in our approach to Maths from the Foundation Stage upwards. By accommodating different learning styles, we foster independent learners who are confident using a variety of methods when calculating. Our streamed system enables us to target individuals and support children with different needs.

Contextualised learning in both Key Stage 1 & 2 ensures that our children are engaged and can make connections with everyday scenarios that require a Mathematical perspective; thus, cementing the importance of developing their Maths skills.

We have adopted a progressive mentality to Maths and believe that children should build consistently on their knowledge and skills. As a result, there is a common thread to how Maths is taught from Nursery to Year 6, which ultimately ensures our children leave Keyworth as confident and curious Mathematicians.

Practical Maths Lessons 

In conjunction with following the White Rose scheme of learning, Keyworth pupils also complete practical Maths lessons based on real life situations. This prepares the pupils for the real world, encourages collaborative learning and enables mathematical conversations. Be it an architect, shopkeeper, doctor, engineer or more; everyone needs Maths! 

Please see below some examples of these lessons. Click on each image if you wish to enlarge it.



Classes in Reception have been learning their bonds to 5 and 10, using practical resources. They've also been exploring shapes, patterns and colours! Check out some of their work below:

Year 2

Here are some Year 2 pupils enjoying a practical positions and directions lesson. One person was a robot and the other had to give their partner instructions to get them across the obstacle course, using language such as forwards, backwards, turn, right and left.

Year 4

As part of their shape unit, Year 4 have been exploring patterns and trying out being architects and designers! They discussed how in these professions, people must use knowledge of shapes and tessellations in order to build, design and construct objects.

In a bid to help the children improve their mental maths skills, the children are encouraged to practise their Maths at home through Keyworth’s Home Maths Rocket Scheme. The new National Curriculum places a huge emphasis on children knowing their number facts and our scheme is designed to encourage the children to practise and learn them at home with your support.

The scheme involves six ‘Rocket Cards’ that are pitched at the expected standard for each year group from Year 1 through to Year 6. All children are given the Maths Rocket of the year group that they are in unless they are working below age-related expectations, where they are given a Maths Rocket that is pitched at their maths level.

Each week, the children’s maths teacher informs them of which objective they will be learning in school and will additionally need to practise at home as their homework. Every Friday, the children are given 10 questions to answer in relation to this objective, with a child needing to get all questions correct to have achieved that objective. Once they have completed all of the objectives in a ‘step’ they receive a certificate, which is presented during Rewards Assembly, and a prize.

Year 1 Rocket Card

Year 2 Rocket Card

Year 3 Rocket Card

Year 4 Rocket Card

Year 5 Rocket Card

Year 6 Rocket Card