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There is no legal duty that requires school staff to administer medicines. However, in exceptional circumstances we would be willing to undertake this task under the following conditions:

  • Every case is looked at individually and a decision between the Headteacher, key staff and professionals will take place to determine if it is appropriate or not for staff to administer the medication.
  • Consultation with parents/guardians will need to take place prior to administration.
  • Children must not keep their own medicines in school.
  • It is the responsibility of parents to notify the school in writing if the pupil’s need for medication has ceased.
  • There must be clear dialogue between parents/guardians/Health Professionals before any medication is administered to children who have long term or complex medical needs. This will require:
  • Health professionals to give relevant training before any member of staff will administer medicines.
  • Before any medicines will be administered a healthcare plan must be written by the Health professional.
  • If a child refuses to take their medication staff will not force them to do so and will inform the parents of the refusal as a matter of urgency, on the same day.  If a refusal to take medicines results in an emergency, the school’s emergency procedures will be followed.