Our Federation



The vision for our school is based upon the belief that all pupils can and want to learn. We are a school that fosters a healthy learning environment, which is committed to achievement and developing individual talent.

We want to do the best for every child at every age to develop their physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and emotional intelligence.

Our school is dedicated to raising standards in learning and teaching. Our school creates and maintains a safe, happy, sensitive, stimulating and inclusive atmosphere, inviting to adults and pupils.

We are a reflective school that has a culture of continuous improvement. This includes listening to the pupils’ voice through self-reflection and self-assessment. We see this as one of the essential elements of school improvement.

This is a school where staff, families and pupils get excited about learning and have aspirations for themselves. This school values differences and celebrates diversity.

Everyone in the school is of equal value. All members of the school team have complimentary roles, responsibilities, skills and abilities that enable all pupils to reach their full potential.

Our school understands the importance of enabling children to learn in different ways. This is why our school highly values all creative activities.

We believe in developing the healthy citizen of the future who can contribute to the wider community, society in general and has a desire to protect the environment.


Think, Act, Achieve