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Summer Term


This half term, we have been reading 'The Children of the Kingdom of Benin' by Dinah Orji. The story is about a girl named Ada who has lived close to the great rainforest for her whole life, helping her beloved Papa Eze to heal fellow villagers when they fall sick. When Papa Eze himself becomes ill, he knows it's time to reveal to Ada her true identity - time for her to travel deep into the forest to discover the ancient Edo kingdom of Benin, and to use everything within her power to heal the terrible divisions that are tearing the kingdom apart.

The children have really enjoyed the book so far, especially as it links to our current topic, The Benin Kingdom. We have written diary entries, survival guides, eye witness acounts and even had a go at acting out the story! Please check out some of our fantastic work below!


This term, our focus has been on fractions and decimals. The children have been required to read and write fractions and decimals, find fractions of quantities and find equivalent fractions and decimals.

We have also enjoyed some practical activities, using our problem solving skills and our collaborative skills to complete and solve them. Please see below:


Our topic this half term has been 'States of Matter'. The children have been learning what a solid, liquid and a gas is. We completed investigations that show how states of matter can change. For example, we learnt about melting and freezing/solidifying by making chocolate crispy cakes. Educational and delicious!!! We also conducted an investigation to learn about evaporation and condensation. Did you know that different quantities of liquid will have different rates of evaporation? Check out our discoveries below!


We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about The Kingdom of Benin this half term. In geography, we have used maps and atlases to locate the Kingdom of Benin and the geographical features present in the continent of Africa. In history, we have used ancient artefacts to learn about the past. Did you know that the ancient people of Benin used masks made of bronze or ivory to be able to contact the dead? It has been very interesting to learn the beliefs and ways of life of the Beninese people. Have a look at some of our incredible work below!

Spring Term


This term, we are reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis. The story follows the adventures of WWII evacuees, Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan. We are really enjoying the book! So far we have written setting descriptions, diary entries, and a newspaper report. Please see some examples below!



In our maths lessons, we are currently working on multiplication and division. We are ensuring that we know our times tables and have been enjoying using Times Tables Rockstars to help us!


Our current topic is WWII. We have been learning all about the different countries' involvement in the war, about Anne Frank, The Blitz, Rationing and much more! In Art, we have created a representation of living in London during the Blitz, using paints. Check them out!


Buenos días!

Year 4 have been excited to start learning Spanish this year! We have already learned the numbers to 100, greetings, colours and animals.


Year 4 are working hard to prepare for their concert. We are becoming masters of our crafts in the Ukulele. Thanks Roseanna!