Learning Hub


This term we are learning about fractions. Throughout the term we will be developing our fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills in this area, along with the vocabulary needed to achieve this. We will also be ensuring that we maintain our understanding of the four operations and times tables needed to support this learning.


We are also working hard on our times tables and various written strategies to support our learning.

This term we are reading and writing about the story Heart in a Bottle, by Oliver Jeffers. It is a lovely story about a young girl and her grandfather
This wonderful book has given us a fascinating insight into the young girl's relationship with her grandfather: the kindness, curiosity and encouragement from one generation to the other. 

Through this text we will be writing a diary entry, in the role of the young girls and a retelling of the story, from our own perspectives. These will allow us to both revisit previous learning and develop new skills, such as direct speech.


This term we are doing biology and learning about Animals, including Humans. Through our own experiments and investigations, we are learning about how animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food. We have considered how this is relevant in real-life contexts, for example, how we plan our meals.

We have also been learning about how humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.


Our topic this term is Our Local Area and Conservation. This is a geography topic that has given us the opportunity to explore our local area, applying previously learned skills alongside new ones, in field work and mapping.

We have used various mapping resources, including digital mapping and ordinal maps (past and present - 1897, 1914 and 2022), in addition to specialist online geography resources  to investigate, compare and reflect upon both the human and physical geography of Kennington.

We will be exploring both our local area as well as a neighbouring one, in order to make further comparisons, not just with regard to the human and physical geography, but also with regard to our conservation focus: littering.