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This half term we have been focusing on the text The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers, which explores the themes of love and loss.

The children have been exploring this text to write character descriptions using a range of descriptive devices, sequencing main events of the story and will eventually be writing their very own stories!

In spelling, we will be focusing on homophones, prefixes, suffixes and word families. 


This term we are focusing on measure: length, mass, capacity and time.

We are learning about units of measure, the process of measuring using different equipment, calculating measurements, converting between different units of measure and how these can all be used in real-life contexts.


The topic for this half term is Animals including humans.

The children have been working scientifically to carry out different tests, ask questions, record data and explain their findings. 

Art and DT

This half term we have experimented with drawing, painting, printing and sculpture.


Most recently recreating the traditional Diwa lamp, used as part of the traditional Indian festival, Diwali.