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Science Project


This week we tested out the knowledge that we had learnt so far about materials. We had attempted to make a boat last term but we had assumed that because cardboard could float it was waterproof.

This as you can see from the pictures above was not true so we had a second attempt. This time thinking more carefully about those materials that are waterproof as well as having the ability to float. We also investigated different shapes before making the final pieces.

Have a look at our fantastic boats! They were amazing some children chose to make their boats at home whilst others chose to make them at school. As you can see from the pictures alot of learning had taken place and the children were able to explain their choices well. Well done Year one!

Polar Regions

We are now starting to learn about the Polar regions, before we could discuss them we needed to locate them. Below you can see us creating our world map to show each of the 7 continents.


You might ask...

Why are our polar regions so cold?

What is special about them?



Lost and Found

During our English topic, a penguin appeared in our class! We had a lot of questions and then our teacher said it reminded her of a book she had read before called Lost and Found.

We have spent the last few weeks reading the book, asking questions, finding out about penguins and then we wrote our own version of Lost and Found, I think ours are much more creative. We came up with so many imaginative ways to get the penguin home - from flying dragons and unicorns to rocket ships and teleportation devices. Have a sneak peek below to see our amazing stories!


We're Roaming in the Rainforest

Our geography topic this term has been the Amazon Rainforest. We started by trying all of the different foods and fruits that originated from the Amazon and tried to guess where they come from. We then located the rainforests on the world map and found out that they are close to the equator! Since then we have explored all of the different animals that live in the rainforest and also the different layers of the rainforest. Ask your children which animals live in which area of the rainforest...

Science - Plants and Living Things

In Science this term we have been exploring plants. We have been able to identify and name all of the different parts of a plant and a tree. We have been creative and made our own labelled pictures of a flower and a tree. Have a look at the amazing outcomes below! 


Science experiment 

Now that we have learnt about the functions of the different part of a plant, we have decided to carry out an experiment to see what will happen if we put celery and flowers into water with different coloured dye. We have made our predictions and we are now waiting to see what will happen next...