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This term we have been exploring outer space, talking about the planets, the sun, the moon and the stars. We explored life among the stars and discussed scientific facts about how stars are created. We decided to create our own constellations after watching a short video on constellations.

The children have been excited to learn about astronauts and have been imagining what life would be like on the planet Mars.  We wrote letters to NASA to find out what it takes to become an astronaut and have enjoyed dressing up in astronaut costumes; pretending to launch our space shuttle to Jupiter.

We have enjoyed reading many funny space themed stories this term, including look up, the way back home, aliens love underpants and whatever next... We look forward to continuing our research and finding out more fun facts about space. 

Madlen " Maybe there are clouds on Neptune and that's why it is so cold, but I wonder if there are clouds in space."