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History & Geography

History and geography are central to the curriculum at Bessemer and are the focus of our half-termly topics.  We take a creative approach to the curriculum so that children become fully immersed in each of these subjects and come away with a secure knowledge base.  We believe creativity is crucial in enabling children to achieve high standards. In both subjects, enquiry is key and children are given opportunities to ask questions and debate viewpoints in order to give them a more deepened understanding. Please click the links below to see how history skills and geography skills progress across the year groups.

History Progression Map

Geography Progression Map



In the teaching and learning of history, children learn about significant events in British history as well as history from different periods around the world. We approach history, like all subjects, with a critical mind, encouraging children to contrast and compare different accounts and where possible expose them to primary and secondary sources. We regularly have visitors and hold historical workshops where children get to experience historical events hands on.


Geography enables children to make sense of their world around them.   When the topic focus is geography, children develop awareness of where they live and how it is similar and different to various geographical places in the world beyond, its physical and human geography, culture, traditions and what it’s like to live there. Our many trips and school journeys incorporate geographical skills such as map work, looking at aerial photos and making comparative studies.

Across the school, children are given opportunities to communicate their geographical understanding through a wide range of digital media such as films, drama and photographs.

At Bessemer, we are committed to installing a sense of wonder about the world both past and present throughout our topics through ‘hook days ‘exciting trips and a wide and varied range of various activities.  By being creative children learn to think for themselves, become adaptable and learn key skills for life. Both history and Geography play an important part in the curriculum by motivating and engaging the children, supporting them to become more independent and confident learners.

At the end of each topic, children complete a ‘topic write’ which encapsulates and demonstrates key knowledge obtained throughout the topic and reflect skills that are acquired throughout their learning journey.  These include accurate accounts, fact-based narratives and information reports, which are presented in a variety of ways.