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Art & DT

The visual arts play an important part of life here at Bessemer Primary School.

Bessemer aims to enable children to flourish creatively; to have the skills and confidence to explore ideas using a range of mediums, and to have the vocabulary to discuss and give opinions about the work of others. By the time they leave Bessemer, we hope each pupil feels able to express their creativity and know the enjoyment of designing and making.

Each academic year begins with Art Week, where children have the opportunity to explore different artists' work, practise different techniques and develop their skills in different contexts, towards making a final art piece. The work made during Art Week is displayed around the school and parents are invited in to an exhibition showcasing the children's wonderful work later in the term. 

art and design 

Throughout the year, children will get an opportunity to enjoy practising different techniques and methods for creating artwork, including: drawing, painting, 3D modelling (including with clay), and textiles, such as sewing and batik, and printing.

Where possible, we link these activities purposefully to each year groups' termly topics - exploring artists and craftspeople from different points in history, from different countries and traditions, as well as looking at those from the modern day. Using the Skills Progression Grid (avaliable below), we ensure that, as children progress through the school, each area of study is covered in greater depth and key skills are built upon.

Sketch Books

All children from Years 1-6 begin the academic year with a sketch book; a place to reflect, comment and record ideas about their own and other artist and craft people's work. Children can practise techniques and collect visual ideas towards their own work. Children are given the terminology and confidence to talk about artworks and techniques used, and consider their own opinions and preferences about them.

Design Technology

Design Technology is a seperate area of learning with links and cross-overs with other subject areas, including Maths and Science.

At Bessemer, we teach DT beginning with the process of exploring products and designs already made, then move on to letting the children create their own designs, incorporating their technical knowledge about materials, joins or methods. After deciding on a final design, children will then begin the process of making their product - usually collaboratively with their peers. Finally children are asked to reflect and evaluate their designs. Some examples of DT projects have included: Viking house models, Greek sandals, building models for a Martian city, and preparing, cooking or baking healthy food products.


Traditionally, Bessemer holds a carnival each Summer - a yearly highlight! During the carnival, the Arts (including Art, Music and Dance) are celebrated. Art and Design features heavily in this through the creation of art pieces (often 3D models, fabric designs, print making, among others) which become exhibited as part of the parade. It is always such a lively event where the school community can come together to celebrate the hard work and achievements of all the pupils throughout the year.