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Welcome to the Spring Term.

Our topic  that’s term is Japan.

On Friday we spent the day making Sushi, learning Origami and developing our calligraphy skills with the help of some amazing parents. Thank you so much for your time. We had a great time.

On NSPCC number day we enjoyed playing lots of games, including dominoes, Calculation Twister and The 15 game.

We have been reading Origami Yoda by Tom Angleburger and we seem to have been invaded…..

Arnold made a fab Yoda video for homework.

In science we have been investigating static electricity and changing circuits.

In Japan Cherry Blossom is celebrated in spring. We investigated climate data to find out when and where the first blossom would appear. After that we experimented with colour mixing and painting.

Japan is a mountainous country. We learnt how contours work, created relief maps and have started to make 3D salt dough maps.

Learning to play the flute was fun and we were excited to invite parents to enjoy a performance.

Welcome to spring 2

Continuing our Japan topic, we have been completing 3D maps to show the elevation of land in Japan.


We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up and creating raps referring to book characters.


After learning about The Great Wave by Hokusai, we created our own versions.

We conducted an enquiry into the most significant factors contributing to overcrowding in Japan.

At our yoga workshop we were surprised by our balance!

We have been reading Boy In The Tower by Polly Ho Yen. We have written letters and stories. We printed some tower blocks to decorate our display.

In science we have been classifying living things. We used a tree diagram to help. 
We have also been looking at microbes - it is taking more time than we expected for our bread to start to grow mould. After two weeks, the wet bread is going mouldy but the other bits are just dry.

For Red Nose Day we dressed up, had a quiz and made a reading rap.

We have begun to design and make rickshaws. So far we have learnt about the construction , how to score to create a neat fold and made a paper mock-up to test our ideas.

We took part in a Transitions workshop, learning tools for resilience.


Our topic this term is Splash, looking at river and coasts.


In science we have been learning about the heart and blood.

Welcome to Summer 1

We began with a trip to the adventure playground.