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                                                                  Autumn 1 and 2

Welcome to the new 'Gem' Federation page for 5RS - please find a selection of highlights from the Autumn Term below-they include roasting marsh mallows in the nature garden over a fire whilst thinking about  - reversible and irreversible changes - as part of our science topic - Materials and Their Properties.

The  Christmas Carol performed by the amazing Liz Frost from Teach It Through Drama.

The Christmas Carol and Samba performance and of course the Christmas party.


It has been such a long time since we had a proper school trip. Thank you to all the adults who came with us, we had a fantastic day - the sun shone and we had an incredible birds eye view of London and 25 miles beyond. The children were well behaved and good company. 

This term our science topic has been 'Forces' We tested Gallileo Gallilei's ideas about gravity using different sized tomatoes and went on to look at air resistance;  seeing how the surface area of a parachute impacted on the speed of a falling object, water resistance - making streamlined shapes and friction - testing various surfaces using a force meter to measure their friction in 'Newtons'. 

We looked at the work of the British 'Pop artist Patrick Caufield with his bold outlines and blocks of colours to create our own London Skylines.

We enjoyed working in groups on clues to solve mysteries - using the Fibonacci series to create spirals and testing our logical thinking with Sodoku.

We had a great day making and trying Mexican food including salsa, maize tortilla and chilli and fruit leather sweets. We were really lucky to have a visitor Yael, who is Mexican and came to talk to us about life in Mexico. Have a look at our amazing Day Of The Dead Masks. 

We hope you have all had a relaxing spring break- we started back this week with a DT project connected to this terms topic 'Space'. The children were asked to work in groups to design buildings and make models for a Martian city. The children began by thinking about the 'site specific ' criteria and the essential needs of a city. They also thought carefully about what they wanted their city to be like and what they wanted to avoid - eg pollution and how their buildings could help to achieve this.  The brief was to work cooperatively to create functional buildings which also looked good - I am sure you will agree they have certainly done this! 


S1 -To celebrate the 70 years of The Queen's service to Britain- Year 5's decade to focus on is the Sixties- this afternoon we looked at the work of pop artist Andy Warhol and made pictures using collage and tracing in his style. 

After a very enjoyable morning

watching a production of Treasure Island performed by Alleyns School - the children were a fantastic audience -we returned to lunch followed by a Jubilee Tea Party- the sun came out - a lovely way to end the half term. Happy holiday everyone.