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Summer Term 1

We started off our summer term with a DT project to immerse ourselves into our new topic - Space. This was our focus for Science and Topic, learning about our solar system, how the planets move, why we have night and day and also the great 'Space Race' between the USA and Russia (previously the USSR). We learnt about key people in history, the role of NASA and those who worked there, which also linked to our featured English book - 'Hidden Figures', from which the children produced some wonderful reports and descriptive writing, as well as getting into role to write a character memoir.

For our DT project, children were given the brief to design and make buildings to create a new Marcian city. We began by discussing the 'site specific' criteria and the essential needs of a city, what would a new colony need and want to thrive. We also thought carefully about what they wanted to avoid, linking back to our knowledge of Megacities and the pollution problems. We began designing buildings that would be functional, providing for the city people and being eco-efficient, as well as looking atractive. The children worked co-operatively in groups to design and create their models, which turned out brilliantly!

During our Science lessons, we physically acted our the movement of the planets in our solar system, discussing the difference between revole and rotate, we created our mnemonics to help us remember the order, as well as creating animations to show this movement. We also used torches and globes to explain the movement of Earth and how this created night and day.

This term we were very lucky to have a space assembly with Dr Francisco Diego, an renound Astrophysics Lecturer from University College London, you may have seen him on BBC recently! He very kindly shared his knowledge with us about the origins and development of the solar system.

We also had a space workshop with Liz from Teach it through drama, who gave us a fun experience of being space cadets and tested our knowledge with facts about different planets! Remember everyone... 'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!'

Spring Term 2

This term our topic is Mexico, we have been learning about the geographical and physical features of the country, as well as the cultural aspects, finding out about what it would be like to live in a Megacity, like Mexico City. We created 'globes' from balloons, showing where Mexico was located, highlighting capital cities and adding lines of longtitude and latitude. We learnt about the significance of the Day of the Dead festival, looking into how and why people celebrate it, after which we created our own Day of the Dead masks. We were also lucky enough to have a Mexican visitor, Yael, who shared her experiences of growing up in Mexico City, answering many of our own questions and sharing some of her favourite Mexican snacks with us. We then had fun making our own salsa and totilla chips, that we all enjoyed and disappeared very quickly!

This term, in Science, we have been learning about living things and their life cycles, these have included the life cycles of amphibians, birds and flowering plants. We have a lot of frog spawn in our nature garden pond, that we have been obseving weekly to see when they grow into tadpoles. Also to understand how a flowering plant reproduces we discussed the different parts of a flower and what their purpose is, to understand this in greater detail, we disected a daffodil to locate and identify each part.

Also, this term we had fun celebrating World Book Day. Lots of people came to school, dressed up as characters from some of their favourite books, we shared who we were dressed as, and told each other about some of our best-loved stories. Great effort everyone!

Spring Term 1

Gosh, how fast has this half term gone? Can you believe we are already in February?

It has gone quick, but we have packed a lot in. Our topic this term has been all about our great city - London.

We have learnt about London's growth, it's famous landmarks and how important the River Thames is to our capital. As well as exploring various maps, from different time periods of London and our local area, whilst learning about physical and human geographical features.

We have read a great story in English, which is set in London, The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd. It kept us all in suspense and we didn't want to stop reading each day! We actually got to trace the steps of the characters, on our first trip this year!! We had a great day walking down the Southbank, the sun was shining, as we were identifying the key landmarks along the way, and then we got to ride the London Eye, where we had clear blue skys and the most incredible views of London for miles. The children behaved exceptionally well and were all wonderful ambassadors for Bessemer Primary, such a great day was had by all. A big thank you to all the adults who came along with us, we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

All of the wonderful sights in London inspired to create our own map artworks! We looked at the work of the British 'Pop artist Patrick Caufield with his bold outlines and blocks of colours to create our own London Skylines.

In Science this term, our focus has been 'Forces'. We began by discussing gravity and various scientists theories on the matter. We then tested Gallileo Gallilei's ideas about gravity and speed using different sized tomatoes and went on to look at air resistance, seeing how the surface area of a parachute impacted on the speed of a falling object, as well as water resistance - making streamlined shapes to see how they moved through water and finally friction - testing various surfaces using a force meter to measure their friction in 'Newtons'.

For NSPCC Day we had some mathematical fun, working in groups on clues to solve mysteries - using the Fibonacci series to create spirals, using our multiplication knowledge to create pixel pictures and testing our logical thinking with Sodoku.

Well done on all of your hard work! You are all amazing!

Our New Class Page

Welcome all to our new website!

Here is just a reminder of some of the learning activities we did during the Autumn Term:

A visit from a Roman Centurion, turning ourselves into Iceni Warriors - with the aid of a little blue face painting, our 'Now Press Play' interactive story, practicing our debating skills, performing poetry, creating messages in morse code using torches, Samba drumming and carrying our many science investigations, including looking into reversible and irreversible changes to material by roasting marshmallows over a fire in the nature garden! Not forgetting the great perfomance of The Christmas Carol by Liz Frost from Teach It Through Drama and our Christmas party. What a super first term!