Learning Hub


This term we have been learning about our magnificent city - London! 

As part of our learning we visited the London Eye and had the best time! The sun shone on us as we hovered in the air and soaked up the incredible views!



We have been exploring different types of maps and maps in different scales while learning about some of the physical and human geographical features linked to our London topic, and were inspired to create our own map artworks!

We also considered our colour choices and tried to use a small colour palette for our finished pieces. 

In Science this term, we have been learning about forces. We copied Galileo Galilei, by testing Aristotle's theory to see whether it was true that heavier objects fell faster then lighter ones. Aristotle was wrong - both our larger, heavier tomatoes and smaller, lighter ones fell to the ground to the same time. 

Autumn 1 - The Romans

Here are just a few pictures from some of the learning activities we did back in the autumn term:

The visit from a Roman Centurion, practising our sketching techniques during Art Week, creating Roman shields, using face paint to make ourselves into Iceni warriors, Samba drumming... and toasting marshmallows in the nature graden - in the name of Science, of course!


Spring 2 Update!

This term we have been learning about all about Mexico. We have been researching about the challenges that might be faced when living in a Megacity, like Mexico City, finding out the physical aspects of the country and the cultural aspects too. Here are some of the photos of the activities we have carried out in class this term: learning about the significance of the celebrations for the Day of the Dead festival, using balloons to create our own 'globes' - marked with lines of longitude and latitude - to show the location of Mexico, and making our own tortillas and salsa with a visitor to our class from Mexico.

This term, in Science, we have been learning about the different life cycles of living things: including flowering plants, amphibians and birds. 

Summer Term - Adventures in Space!

This term we will be learning about Space - both in Science, and as our topic. We will be learning about the Space Race, as well as looking at the people who worked at NASA, featured in the book 'Hidden Figures'.


Below you will find some photos of the work we have been doing in class - including our 'Future Cities' DT project - designing and building models for a Martian city. We also completed animations to demonstrate our understanding of how the planets orbit the Sun in our Solar System.