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4HB have had a great half term. 

Our topic was The Kingdom of Benin and we have had a chance to learn about an African empire which existed in parallel to the European history we more frequently learn about. 

In Science, we have been exploring circuits and learning how electricity works while creating a shared wiki page about the life of Thomas Edison. 

In Maths, we've had a go at adding and subtracting money, even making a shop to buy and sell to our classmates (with plastic money!).

We had great success in a local tennis tournament, winning the trophy and progressing to the regional finals!

We are looking forward to next term, where our topic is The Ocean.


4HB have enjoyed investigating maps in our Food and the Environment topic, comparing the climates of the UK and Sri Lanka to understand why different foods grow in each country. 

We have also studied maps of our local area and rural areas of the UK. We were shocked to find that only 5.6% of the land in the UK is urban and despite this, we still import around 80% of our food!

In science, we made creative water cycle diagrams.

Our big question: have we ever drunk the same water that the dinosaurs drank? 

The answer? Yes. The water on our Earth today is the same water that's been here for nearly 5 billion years. Only a tiny bit of it has escaped out into space. As far as we know, new water hasn't formed either.