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Spring 1:  

It's been an action packed half term in 3LM!  


We have explored the books 'The Cloud Tea Monkeys' and 'Cinnamon' which fit in beautifully with our 'India' geography focus.  Children have explored and written a range of texts including instructional guides on 'How to Taste Tea', Information Reports on Tea, (heartfelt) letters, setting descriptions and some excellent diary entries.  And it's not over!  Next week we are going to write our very own stories based on the story of Cinnamon. 


In Maths this half term children have been building their fractions skills and knowledge.  We've identified fractions of shape and number, added and subtracted fractions, found equivalent fractions, simplified fractions, found fractions of money, of length, of weight and so much more.  We've used our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills along the way too!  

Wider Curriculum 

In Geography, we have exploring the beautiful land of India.  We've learned about it's rivers, mountains and other physical features.  In addition to this, we have started to look at the impacts of climate change on this wonderful country.  We have also explored the culture, music and food.  We even made some delicious Indian food that everyone got to have a taste of! 

In Science our topic has been Animals including Humans (but mostly humans).  We've so far been mainly looking at nutrients and what it means to have a balanced and healthy diet as well as exploring different  foods and the nutrients (or lack of!!) they have to offer. We'll continue this topic into Summer 2 where we'll look at skeletons and muscles.  

In PE our focus has been athletics.  We have been practising our throwing, running and jumping skills so that we are ready for the Bessemer 'Festival of Sport' happening in the summer term. 

As Summer 1 comes to an end, we are looking forward to all that Summer 2 has to offer.  Not only do we have carnival, but swimming will be happening as well as our 'Festival of Sport.'  We're also off to the National Science Museum and will be doing lots of local fieldwork.   What a term it will be!


Welcome!  We hope that you had a wonderful summer and are ready for the year ahead.  We have had an action packed few weeks here in 3LM and are glad to share some of the things that we have been up to! 

We began our term with a wonderful visit to a 'Stone Age' village up in Hertford where we learned what it might be like to like as hunter-gatherers.  We explored tools and other artefacts from over 10,000 years ago.  It was a fantastic start for what was to come.


In English we have looked at the books ‘The First Drawing’, ‘Stone Age Boy’ and ‘Leon and the Place Between’.  Children have written in role in the form of letters, diary entry and a postcard. We worked on descriptive skills  and have even written some historical fiction! 


In our maths learning we have been looking at place value and addition and subtraction, using practical, pictorial and written methods to deepen and extend our learning of number.   


In science, we have been learning all about rocks, soils and fossils.  As Petrologists, we have looked at rocks, completed experiments to determine rock types and looked at the rocks that make up our earth.  We found out about the different ways in which fossils are formed and rounded off our study where we looked at permeability of soils.


In art, we looked at blending with pastels and have created some beautiful Hockney inspired artwork which we hope you were able to catch a glimpse of at the parents evening.    Have a look below. 


In history we have been looking at the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages in Britain.  We looked at the significant changes in settlement, farming, tools, clothing and way of life.   We explored a range of artefacts, explored the prehistoric ‘fashion’ and had a debate about the best place to live!  Children completed the half term with a balanced argument on the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.  Their effort and knowledge of these three historic periods have been astounding and I am incredibly proud what brilliant historians they have become. 

I hope you all have a brilliant and incredibly well deserved break.  Can’t wait to begin our new topic, Mountains and Volcanoes!  See you in November!