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We've had a great start to our Summer term, especially as the weather has begun to improve! In Maths we have worked on our measuring skills, specifically looking at weight and length. For Science we have continued looking at animals and habitats and have even had a visit from ZooLab where we were able to get hands on with a range of interesting animals! Early in the term we were lucky enough to have a trip to the adventure playground as a reward for all of our hard work over the year so far. Please see some of the pictures showing our adventures below:

Our topic this term for Science has been 'plants'. In this lesson we investigated a mix of seeds and categorised them according to their different properties. 

We learnt about the features of Tudor Houses as part of our Great Fire of London Topic. After looking at multiple designs we created our own versions out of moulding clay.

After discussing the basic needs of a human to survive we made our own shelters in the nature garden.