Learning Hub


Spring 1

We began this half term by exploring the topic of winter. We went on winter walks around the playground and investigated what happens to the playground when it is cold. 

We also read the story of 'The Polar Bears' Home' and we learnt about global warming. We predicted what would happen to the  ice if the world was getting warm and we observed what happened to a piece of ice in our warm classroom. We wrote posters to warn others about the effects of global warming and to help to stop it. 

After 2 weeks of learning about winter we moved onto Superheroes and we were extremely lucky to meet some real life superheroes including a police officer and a dentist. 

We also read the story of Supertato and the valley of doom and enjoyed learning about the different characters including Evil Pea. One morning when we came into class we found a note from Evil Pea to say he had taken a veggie and hidden them in the playground. We used maps to find a treasure chest in the shed and to our surprise, broccoli had been trapped there. We then hid our own objects around the classroom/ playground and asked our friends to find them. 

At the end of the half term, we very excitedly learnt about Chinese New Year and read the story of The Great Race. 

We practised writing Chinese symbols, we made lanterns and wrote Chinese New Year cards to our friends and family. 

In maths we explored the numbers 4 and 5 by learning how to subitize, sort and find different ways to make those numbers. We used lots of different manipulatives to show the composition of 4 and 5 and began to record our findings. As well as numbers, we also explored shapes with 4 sides and 4 corners and we went on a shape hunt around the classroom. 


Spring 2

This half term our topic was growing. One day we went into the playground and found a mysterious creature hiding underneath the bridge and we began to guess who we thought it would be. We wrote our predictions and eventually realised it was the troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We read the story and immersed ourselves in the story through drama following Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing. We learnt the actions to follow the story and reanacted the story using costumes and masks. The children really enjoyed this. 

After imitating the story and understanding the characters, we then began to innovate and invent. We changed the characters and replaced them with our own ideas and wrote our own stories to go in our book corner. 

For International Women's Day we read lots of stories about very important women such as Mae Jemison, Yayoi Kusama, Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart. We were so inspired by Yayoi Kusama that we made imitated her style of painting and created our own collage using colourful polka dots.

We also thought about the important females in our lives. We drew pictures of them and wrote why they are so special to us. 


In maths this term we learnt about measuring height, length and time. 

We used standard and non-standard units to measure how tall the children are in the class and how long their hands were.

We had lots of fun completing maths investigations during our Celebration Day. The children really enjoyed playing board games, making their own board games and measuring the length of their feet with their parents. Thank you for joining us on our exciting day. 

The children dressed up in extremely creative and exciting costumes this year and had lots of fun reading stories. They were very lucky to be able to share and read their favourite stories with Year 3 children.

To welcome the season of Spring the children went on a Spring walk around the school looking for signs of the season. The children found nests, daffodils, blossom and heard birds flying around in the sky. We learnt lots of Spring facts and learnt about the life cycle of the frog. We were also very lucky to be able to see frogs and frog spawn in the pond during Forest School.


Children also learnt alot about Easter and we walked to Sainsburys to buy ingredients to make an chocolate Easter nest. We used some of the chocolate we bought to conduct an experiment to find out what happened if we held chocolate in our hands for 100 secs. The children really enjoyed predicting, investigating and observing what happened to the chocolate and of course eating the chocolate afterwards. We also made Easter bonnets and wrote cards to give to our friends and family. 

After a fantastic Easter Break, the children were back and ready to learn about our fun and exciting new topics. 

We began our summer term by learning about minibeasts. We researched lots of  information about them including what their natural habitats were and we decided to go to the nature garden to find some. 




One day we arrived in class to find an arrival of teeny, tiny caterpillars and we predicted what they might be and what they might grow into. 

We then began to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We immersed ourselves into the story through lots of drama for example acting out the different scenes and hot seating the different characters to find out more about them. We then became innovators and we made our own stories about where the butterfly could go at the end of the story. 

During this time, our wiggly caterpillars began to grow fatter and fatter until they made their cocoons. After waiting a couple of weeks they became beautiful butterflies and we then took them out into the playground to release them. 




Reception had a very exciting trip to the Horniman museum to explore the grounds and look for more minibeasts.