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Spring 1

Winter was in full swing when we returned to school so we decided to go on a walk and look for signs of this in the environment.  We found lots of ice so we decided to find out more about the polar regions. We read the book 'The Polar Bear's Home' and carried out an investigation to see what happens to their habitat, the ice, when it gets warmer.  We were saddened by the results of our experiment so we researched ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and made posters to let everyone else know as well.  

One morning we came into school and were shocked to find someone or something had drawn on our satsumas, wrapped toilet roll around our bananas and stuck our pears to the wall with masking tape.  We filled in police reports immediately and the next day P.C. Hazel came into our class to talk about how he solves crimes and captures the baddies! We eventually found out it was the Evil Pea who caused all the commotion so we decided to paint wanted posters to stick around our class.  Thankfully our hero Supertato was able to capture and pop the pea back into the freezer where he belongs.  After this we thought about what superpowers we would have if we were a superhero.  We also designed baddies and thought about what ways we could stop them.  We spent lots of time building extravagant traps using large and small construction.  After all this we decided to put our ideas into a comic strip and came up with our own superhero stories.

Following on from learning about the types of emotions in Autumn 1 we decided to make a feelings colour wheel to help us show how we are feeling. The children collaged different colours to represent different emotions on the wheel and added a hand so they were able to express how they are feeling.

This half term in maths we have been learning about shapes with 1,2,3 and 4 sides.  We have been making the shapes with a selection of materials,  building with the shapes, testing them out to see which are the best for stacking or rolling and we have been using Ipads to take photographs of shapes we have seen in the environment.  We have also been comparing amounts to 5 and finding out which group has 'more', 'fewer' or an 'equal' amount.  

We had a great time raising money for the NSPCC on Number Day this year.  The children came up with very creative ways to wear numbers and we spent the day solving lots of maths problems.

Spring  2

This term at Forest School we have been learning about poisonous plants and we have been learning the phrase 'no pick, no lick' to remind us what to do when we are around plants.  We have enjoyed watching what has been happening in our pond and been learning about the lifecycle of a frog.  We have also been using peelers to whittle sticks and carrots and making fires to toast our marshmallows on.  

Recently we took a walk around the local area to look for signs of Spring.  We found blossom and buds on trees, daffodils growing in the ground, we noticed the weather felt warmer and could hear birds singing.

We opened Rainbow Class Baby Clinic at the beginning of the half term.  The children brought in photographs of themselves as a baby and we enjoyed playing 'Guess Who?' with these, we also had a visit from Grace's new baby sister and were able to find out and ask questions about how you look after a baby.

This half term we welcomed Duncan back for our weekly music sessions.  We have been learning about the 'beat' and 'rhythm' and using instruments to play these alongside songs.

Thanks to everyone who came to our Maths Investigation Celebration Day.  We had a great time showing you how we learn maths through play and how using investigations allows us to use our critical thinking.  

We had a great time celebrating World Book Day.  We dressed up as our favourite book characters and shared our most treasure books.  We wrote book reviews and some year 4 children came to read us their favourite story.


This term has been jam packed with lots of exciting adventures. Our topic this half-term has been minibeasts! The children have have loved getting down into the undergrowth and observing these fascinating creatures. We have carried out mini hunts in the nature garden, finding lots of new and interesting critters.  Also over the course of this term we have also cared for some caterpillars. It is has been lovely to see the children learn about the life cycle and metamorphosis through a first hand experience. After watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies, we decided it was best to release them and let the life cycle start all over again. Watching our butterflies fly away was a truly memorable experience for all.  

We loved our trip to the Horniman Museum where we were able to enrich our minibeast topic further and also explore the rest of the museum.

We have still been happily partaking in our Forest School sessions with this half term making popcorn, learning about snails and many more exciting and interactive activities.

Here are a selection of highlights from the past half term.