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Spring Term 1

What a busy term this has been! We have been busy exploring lots of exciting topics including winter, superheros and Chinese New Year. We were very lucky to have some visits from some real life superheros including a memorable visit from a police officer. We have also continued to develop our emotional literacy through stories such as the Invisible String. It has been lovely to see the children learn and grow so much during this time. It is hard to believe it has only been six weeks! 


The children have loved writing in response to our main book this term - Supertato! In this story Supertato foils the escapades of the Evil Pea. The highlight of this term for many children was designing and creating a trap to stop the evil villain. 


In maths we continued solidifying our understanding of numbers up to 5. It has been great to see the growth of children's confidence in important skills such as subitising and exploring composition. This term we have also explored four sided shapes and compared the mass of objects. 

Spring Term 2

Our topics this term have been Spring and Easter. It has been wonderful to the children's observations of the many changes in the natural world around us. This term has contained some truly memorable learning experiences. The children went on their first ever school trip, we welcomed parents once again for celebration day, and the Easter Bunny left some eggs for us to find. With warmer weather providing lots of opportunities to learn and play outside, the children have been as busy as ever.   



This term's literacy has been centred around the fairytale The Three Billy Goats Gruff. At the start of the term, the children received a letter from the Billy Goats asking our class to help them cross the bridge to the other side. Upon going outside the children were face to face with none other than the mean Troll himself! With the children hooked and invested in the story we spent the next few weeks exploring the narrative through lots of fun activities such as roleplay. Over the course of a few weeks, the children innovated upon the story by replacing the characters with new ones. By the end of this unit, all the children had written and published their first ever fairy tale. An amazing moment for all. 



In maths we have been exploring the composition of the numbers 6, 7 and 8. Using practical resources the children have come to understand the "five and a bit" structure of these numbers. We were also fortunate to have a wonderful celebration day this term themed around maths. Thank you to all those who were able to attend, I hope you found this session useful and inspiring. 

Summer 1


This term has been jam packed with lots of exciting adventures. Our topic this half-term has been minibeasts! The children have have loved getting down into the undergrowth and observing these fascinating creatures. Over the course of this term we have also cared for some caterpillars. It is has been lovely to see the children learn about the life cycle and metamorphosis through a first hand experience. After watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies, we decided it was best to release them and let the life cycle start all over again. Watching our butterflies fly away was a truly memorable experience for all.  



Our key book for this half-term was classic children's story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children were inspired by the book's ending to write a sequel about the adventures of the butterfly. 




In maths we have been learning about a variety of different topics including addition, numbers past 10, shape and pattern. It has been brilliant to see children become increasingly confident when using key skills such as subitizing.