Learning Hub


Spring 1

This half term we welcomed some new friends into Nursery who started in January.

We spent some time getting to know each other and going over our class rules of being kind, listening, walking inside, using inside voices, using gentle hands and looking after our resources. 

We really focused on learning how to be kind and gentle, especially using our hands in a kind way. We spoke about recognising different emotions and how to deal with anger or frustration in an appropriate way. 


This half term we re-visted the book "The Colour Monster" by Anna Llenas and spoke about the different emotions our new friends might be feeling when joining Nursery. We spoke about feeling happy, sad, scared, calm, angry and loved. We looked at the different emotions in the book and the colours used to represent them. We created some beautiful art work, painting our own emotions for the background of our class portraits.  

This half term we have been learning all about different types of transport.

We loved seeing all of our friends photos of themselves with their favourite type of transport. We found out about different types of transport including cars, buses, trains and boats. We looked at some amazing photos and videos from the past to compare how these different types of transport have changed throughout history.

We created some brilliant junk modelling cars for our beautiful display and took part in lots of role play pretending to be passengers on buses and trains.

Finally, we created some tally charts practicing our mark making skills and voting for which type of transport we liked the most. We tried to use the word 'because' to explain why we liked them. 

Spring 2

We have had a wonderful time this half term learning all about Spring and the changes that happen during this time of year. 

We listened to the stories of Jack and the Beanstalk and Jasper's Beanstalk before planting our own magic beans. We found out about all of the things that a seed needs to grow and made sure to place our magic beans into a sunny spot and watered them regularly. We were so excited when we observed them growing over time.

Ladybird class loved learning about Spring and took part in some really exciting and creative learning experiences. We found out all about the different seasons, explored the seeds of fruits and vegetables using our magnifying glasses as well as created lots of beautiful artwork. 

We had a fantastic time on World Book Day and loved dressing up as our favourite characters! We spoke about our favourite books and really enjoyed all of our book themed activities during free flow. We also had a visit from some friends in Year 4 who read to us. 

During our final week of half term, we learned all about Easter. We spoke about the new life that begins during this time. We painted our own eggs, designed Easter bunny hats, made delicious chocolate nests and went on an Easter egg hunt in the nature garden! 

As always, we have had such incredible experiences this half term at Forest School.

Highlights include practicing our balancing skills on the zip line, toasting marshmallows over an open fire, playing with gigantic bubbles and of course many lovely art activities. 

Summer 1

Ladybird class have had a wonderful half term. We have been learning about mini beasts, their habitat and the life cycles of different creatures.

We began by reading the book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and practice our counting skills. We found out about the life cycle of a butterfly and saw if we could remember the correct order of its development. We also created some lovely symmetrical paintings for our classroom display. 

We then looked at the life cycle of a frog and had so much fun exploring our slime and frogspawn tuff tray. We sang the song '5 Little Speckled Frogs' and practiced our folding skills by making some concertina frogs legs.


We also read the book 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird' and spent a lot of time discussing our feelings and emotions and what to do if we are feeling cross. We practiced some different breathing techniques and ways of making ourselves feel calm so that we don't end up like the Bad Tempered Ladybird! In maths, we practiced our subitising skills by counting the spots on ladybirds - we even decorated our own ladybird biscuits by rolling a dice and icing that many number of spots onto our biscuits. 

Finally, we learned all about bees and the importance of flowers. We read the book 'Belle and the Giant' by local author Jemima Knight and spoke about what we could do to help save the bees. We planted flowers in our playground and made lots of artwork to help spread awareness. We also tried delicious honey sandwiches which we loved!


As always, we have had a wonderful time at Forest School this half term. We have continued our learning on different mini beasts whilst in the Nature Garden. Here are some of the things we have been up to. 

This half term, we also enjoyed our trip to Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses. We explored the gardens and searched for different mini beasts and plants. We got to look at some different mini beasts up close and had a go at sculpting some of our own out of plasticine. We then spent the rest of the afternoon having fun in the adventure playground.